SymSoil, Inc. Appoints New President of Operations

2019-03-21 16:00:25

Fastest growing Argri-restoration Company Expanding

SymSoil, Inc., an agri-restoration leader in developing biological soil amendments is pleased to announce Mr. Samuel Grosso has accepted his appointment as the President of Operations to shape SymSoil’s combined business and science logistics through its market growth. 

Welcoming his appointment, CEO Elizabeth Pearce said, “I am delighted to welcome Mr. Grosso as the new President of Operations at SymSoil. This appointment reflects SymSoil’s commitment to systematically develop and expand our logistics in getting our highly effective products and innovative services to market. Mr. Grosso brings to our burgeoning company an amazing blend of professional expertise. He has a record of continuous career successes as a permaculture scientist, CRM specialist, entrepreneur and a US Marine Corp Combat Engineer. He joins our combined staff and consulting teams of 40 passionate professionals in this exciting period of SymSoil corporate legacy. 

Reflecting on his appointment, Mr. Grosso said, “I am very excited joining the leadership of SymSoil as it continues to grow into one of the principal agri-restoration and innovation facilities in America. I look forward to expanding its engagements within the farming, landscaping, cannabis, and wine industries. 


About SymSoil

A California “B (Benefit)-Corporation”, has the first patent-pending scalable solution that restores indigenous crop-specific and regional soil-specific microbes which significantly and cost efficiently increase nutrient density and crop yields. SymSoil employs an interdisciplinary collaborative approach utilizing corporate, community, academic and public research partnerships in bringing to market its innovative products (Robust Compost), services (Best Practices Certifications) and consulting business streams. 

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