Tredence listed as a professional service vendor in Forrester’s report on Augmented Intelligence

2019-03-19 12:07:37

Tredence, the first of its kind analytics services company that focuses on last mile analytics adoption, announced that it has been listed as a professional service vendor in the Forrester Report titled - Augmented Intelligence Unlocks the Intelligence in AI

Forrester defines augmented intelligence as – ‘the use of AI to improve human ability by combining machine learning technologies for processing and analysing data at scale; automating and orchestrating standard processes; and human input, decision making, and action.’

The goal of augmented intelligence is to leverage the efficiency of AI and use human decision-making abilities to evade its shortcomings. The result – a human-machine collaborative solution that makes better decisions, enhances productivity, is cost effective and scales faster. 

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Tredence has been leveraging its expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to develop such augmented intelligence solutions that deliver expedited and enhanced business value. 

The portfolio of augmented intelligence solutions at Tredence include AI Data Cleanser (AIDC) and DCC (Digital Content Categorizer), both of which utilize AI and complement it with human intelligence to deliver insights. Tredence has also invested in an in-house AI Lab that is proactively developing solutions that integrate AI and human intelligence. 

“Solving standalone problems directly with an algorithm is no longer relevant. The need today is to solve connected problems with many different layers using a stellar approach; only then can we sustain and scale. This is the purpose AI Labs was created for,” said Shashank Dubey, Head of Analytics at Tredence.

AIDC, an outcome of the AI Labs at Tredence, is a deep learning based data management solution, that aims to deliver reliable data to businesses. Customers across industry verticals have used AIDC to cleanse, enrich and manage various data entities like Product, Customer, Vendor, Material etc. 

The Digital Content Categorizer is another solution by Tredence AI Lab that uses machine learning based computer vision techniques to process and categorize videos and images, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to process text and PDF files. The solution effectively reduces the time business users take to categorize website content from months to only a few hours.

For a leading technology company, Tredence created a solution that personalizes content generation using advanced Natural Language Generation (NLG). This Content as a Service (CaaS) solution has improved the overall efficiency of marketing campaigns by dynamically segmenting target customers and eliminating static email content.

Shub Bhowmick, CEO of Tredence, said, “We’ve been working towards orchestrating solutions that businesses can utilize and derive higher value out of. At the crux of these solutions is augmented intelligence. Our solutions aim to embed human intelligence with existing AI and automation processes to drive true digital transformation. Getting recognized as a professional service vendor of augmented intelligence solutions by Forrester is a validation of our progress on this front.”

Digital transformation is no longer an option, rather a necessity for companies that hope to transform their business approach. Investing in augmented intelligence then, is the ideal approach to drive this solution home to businesses.


About Tredence 
Tredence focuses on last mile delivery of insights into actions by uniting its strengths in business analytics, data science and software engineering. The largest companies across industries are engaging with Tredence and deploying its prediction and optimization solutions at scale – empowering end users to improve decision making. Tredence is helping its clients deliver on the artificial intelligence imperative, in a practical and demystified way. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company serves clients in US, Canada, Europe, Australia and SE Asia. Tredence is doubling in size year over year and has grown exclusively through client referrals. Learn more at or follow @TredenceInc.

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