National Hangover Joe's Day - 8th Year International Hangover Company Celebrates March 18th For Working Stiffs.

2019-03-15 12:39:04

Hangover Joe's the #1 International Hangover Recovery Drink Announces Day After St. Patrick's Day March 18th as 8th Annual Hangover Joe's Day in USA. 

For the eighth year in a row, the #1 international morning after Hangover Recovery Shot celebrates National Hangover Joe's Day! For all those left feeling a little green the day after St. Patrick's Day, there's hope. Instead of searching in vain for the wish-granting powers of the fabled four-leaf clover or an elusive Leprechaun, ordinary Joe's can triumph in the battle of the morning after with the legendary contents of a little yellow bottle – "The Hangover Recovery Shot by Hangover Joe's." Those who threw caution to the wind and tipped a pint or two while enjoying everything Irish can now join millions of Americans in a celebratory toast to a rapid recovery onMonday, March 18, 2019– the eighth annual NATIONAL HANGOVER JOE'S DAY.

"There are more people hungover on March 18 than after New Year's Eve," said Shawn Adamson, co-founder of Hangover Joe's. "There is a lot of booze consumed and with St. Paddy's Day falling on a Sunday with most people off work it's going to be a massive day for alcohol consumption this year," said Adamson. There are going to be St. Patrick Day parties on both Saturday and Sunday this year, so it's going to be a huge event. Monday will be for sure a very large day for #Hangover in the USA in some time. .


St. Patrick's Day is a national holiday in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. Another little-known fact is that for most of the 20th century, Saint Patrick's Day was considered a strictly religious holiday in Ireland, which meant that the nation's pubs were closed for business on March 17 (the one exception went to beer vendors at the big national dog show). In 1970 St. Patrick's Days was converted to a national holiday, and the stout resumed flowing). Another fact is the world runs up quite a beer tab on St. Paddy's Day. All of the Saint Patrick's Day revelry around the globe is great news for brewers. A 2016 estimate pegged the total amount spent on beer on Saint Patrick's Day celebrations at $295 million, and that's before tips to pubs' bartenders.


There is quite a large market for hangover recovery in the world. This is a multi-billion dollar market space and we plan to expand our brand globally, as we have done over the last few years. We have been in South Korea for about three years and growth has really expanded in the last year. We are shipping containers to South Korea but in 2019 we will start producing the brand in Korea as the demand justifies this ,plus we will be expanding into Japan and other points in Asia.  Our distributor in South Korea has just put together a major deals with Lotte Mart, HomePlus, and E-Mart the three biggest marts in Korea. These marts also have their own convenience stores, Lotte Mart owns Seven-Eleven, Home Plus and 365 and E-Mart 24, plus we will be also going into the Korean military. In South Korean military service is mandatory for 2 years, so we will reach a huge part of the demographic of the country and build brand loyalty.  We are also putting together new agreements in the USA and will be focusing on distribution with a large online campaign in the near future in the USA for the Hangover Recovery Shot. The company continues to move forward in both Asia and in the USA.  We do plan on revamping the USA Hangover Recovery Shot and making some changes in packaging in the near future.  We also still plan on bring the company back to public trading at some point, but will comment on this in the future when the time is right but this is a big focus for the company and the brand. We know that many of our fans are really counting on this so its a major priority for us and them.  "It's ten years since we launched Hangover Joe's and we are still growing the company and brand.  It's amazing it has been a decade we have pioneer the industry of Hangover Recovery Drinks and now is our time. The category has really started to see growth in the last 24 months.  We look forward to the next decade, our staying power and the brand is all about our strength. We have fought and have over come so much and there is so much more to do. We look to continue to expand both domestically and internationally.  

Hangover Joe's Day is for all the working stiffs out there that celebrate in the spirit of the Irish as everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Consumers may commonly ask, "What makes this Hangover Recovery Shot so effective as a hangover reliever?" Made and created by a team of leading scientists, Hangover Joe's is a proprietary blend of 100 percent all-natural ingredients that help restore the body's essential antioxidants and nutrients to get you over the slump and feeling like yourself again. Hangover Joe's rejuvenates, relieves, recovers and re-energizes your body. The shot works like a symphony on the body with a blend of green tea leaf, black pepper extract, açaí fruit, goji berry, B6, B12, taurine, kudzu, niacin with added vitamins and other key ingredients that take away the inflammation that alcohol causes. According to the team at Hangover Joe's, it goes to work immediately to ease a throbbing head, settle the stomach and cool the body to counteract the dreaded morning-after effects of alcohol consumption. Plus, The Hangover Recovery Shot contains only as much caffeine as a single cup of premium coffee to help consumers be revived and be alert, without the miserable crash experienced by energy drinks. We will be actually making some changes in the near future to the packaging of the brand and revamping The Hangover Recovery Shot for the USA market.

"This is designed for hangover relief, but a lot of consumers also use this as a way to fight fatigue and provide long-lasting energy as well. This is an overall health and wellness shot. It works and makes you feel so much better, and it's fast acting. Most of our consumers say they feel much better in an hour to hour and 30 minutes after consuming the Hangover Recovery Shot.  The anti-hangover drink works very quickly at relieving and recovering the body form a hangover.  "The target audience is responsible drinking adults from the age of 21 to 55 with millennials making up a huge core of our users. Hangover Joe's is a must-have for anyone who occasionally overindulges or experiences hangovers. We have so many people from all walks of life using this brand. From soccer moms to blue-collar laborers to urban professionals, the brand reaches a very wide demographic of users. We call this the community of users and they are growing both domestically and internationally. Drinking and hangovers have been going on since the beginning of time. The key now is that our brand is positioned to become a major force in hangover relief on a global scale.

"The market share for our brands is quite significant. We will continue to grow the brand in the USA and grow the brands internationally. According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), alcohol abuse costs the United States an estimated 287 billion each year. Nearly half of that green,140 billion, in fact, is directly linked to binge drinking and the related instances of alcohol-induced injuries and the productivity loss from the morning after illnesses. National Hangover Joe's Day focuses and brings attention to this dilemma by highlighting the potential effects of excessive binge drinking in America. Hangover Joe's (The Hangover Recovery Shot) could save the USA economy and its consumers billions of dollars," said Adamson co-founder and head of national sales for Hangover Joe's. "Our hangover recovery drink could simply aid and significantly decrease alcohol-related absenteeism and lost productivity in the workplace. You would think national retailers and companies would champion the brand and category of hangover relief for their employees, as drinking is not going away nor are hangovers and the loss of productivity.  This is a fact in South Korea companies are embracing our brand for there employees. This is quite a novel idea, don't you think. The implications are tremendous."

"You can't attend a Saint Patrick's Day event without hearing a cry of "Erin go Bragh." What's the phrase mean?" It's a corruption of the Irish Eirinn go Brach, which means roughly "Ireland Forever." In the end, Americans revelers will just shrug their shoulders, raise a pint and shout "Slainte!" as they toast to good health. It just goes to show that even average Joes are Irish on March 17, which is a good reason for Americans to stock up on The Hangover Recovery Shot for the inevitable morning after.Follow the brand on social media at Twitter @TheHangoverShot or on Instagram: HangoverJoesCom or on Facebook at this link:

To all of our fans new and old have a great Saint Patrick's Day, and even a better March 18, National Hangover Joe's Day being #HangoverFree with #NoHangover! Remember 'You are never drunk in the eyes of the lord as long as you can get the key in the door', a motto to live by! A famous quote from anIrish Catholic priest who will remain unnamed!

According to the company, "Hangover Relief – It's Always Just A Shot Away!"


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