Fantasy Gold Coin [FGC] Now Offers Way for Businesses to Accept Feeless Payments

2018-08-04 12:00:00

Credit Card transaction fees are a huge burden on any business' overhead. FGC solves that.

Press Release - updated: Aug 3, 2018 19:48 EDT

NEW YORK, August 3, 2018 - Fantasy Gold Coin makes it as simple as installing a PayPal button on a website. Except with an FGC Button, there are virtually no transaction fees (.0001 FGC or “less than a penny”).

It works like this: Any website that accepts payment for anything can accept FGC using an automated calculator that seamlessly converts USD prices for products to the equivalent in FGC. Once a purchase is made, the FGC goes directly and immediately to the company’s FGC wallet, which can be converted back to USD, or used at other FGC partnered sites like The code is open-source so it’s easily placed on a business’s website. For any company, small or large, it doesn’t make sense not to accept FGC. Not only is it free, it’s another way to drive new customers to a website from the already thriving FGC user base.

The FGC Team already markets coin holders on their social media platforms and official sites to other websites where they spend FGC, and continues to do so with advertisements for each company that adopts FGC as a form of payment.

Ever since I started accepting FGC for my company, I have been able to save more money than I ever could have with a standard credit card processor.

Manny R.

CEO Of Fantasy Sports Consultants

FGC even offers capabilities for businesses that have transactions outside cyberspace.

There is a web-based FGC wallet version being released soon that can be used on any mobile phone that includes QR code capabilities. Which means sites accepting FGC can also accept Fantasy Gold Coin at brick-and-mortar locations or on-the-go with faster transaction times than credit cards. No more waiting all day for a chip reader taking forever to process a payment.

For consumers, FGC launched a working ATM in Vegas (FGCArena) that can be used to purchase or sell FGC. Since their IMO agreement, FGC partner Bayside is making Fantasy Gold available on their ATM’s and other locations all across the United States for companies and consumers alike.

Companies interested in installing the script for an FGC Button on their website can go to

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