GiftWorksPlus Offers Custom Engraved Gift Box Sets for Golfers and Wine Enthusiasts

2018-08-04 12:00:00

GiftWorksPlus offers custom gift boxes for golfers and wine lovers.

Waukesha, WI, August 03, 2018 -- GiftWorksPlus is now offering special, custom engraved, gift box sets for both golfers and wine enthusiasts. GiftWorksPlus is a Wisconsin-based company that specializes in creating custom, engraved photo frames, custom keychains, engraved gift boxes, destination magnets, body butter, and other unique gifts. All gift boxes offered from GiftWorksPlus can now be engraved with names, dates, and designs to suit any occasion.

The wine box sets include padded lining to fit a variety of wine bottle shapes. Some designs come with specific wine tools, such as a foil cutter, decanting pourer, stopper, and a corkscrew. Wine boxes are available in many different wood materials, such as rosewood, bamboo, and burlwood and include glass covers, slide off lids, and traditional covers.

The golf box set includes two golf balls, a 4-piece putter that screws together, and a ball return instrument for practicing anywhere.

In addition to these gift box sets, customers can choose from other gift options available on the GiftWorksPlus website. Picture frames are available in themes, such as family frames, travel frames, holiday frames, sports frames, and more. All of these photo frames are able to be customized and engraved. Other gift box sets include cigar humidors, BBQ sets, martini sets, poker sets, cribbage sets, card and dice sets, and chess sets.

“These gift box sets make a perfect gift that is both memorable, meaningful and useful,” says Karla Jordan, president at GiftWorksPlus. “Picture frames are great for keeping favorite memories alive and giving a personalized gift. However, we thought it would be a lot of fun to take gift giving to that next level by providing a custom, engraved gift box set for a variety of hobbies, interests, games, and activities. We all have people in our lives that value practicality over anything else, especially when it comes to the gifts they receive. So, by creating these gift box sets we are really creating the opportunity to give someone a personalized gift that can be cherished, as well as used regularly!”

These gift boxes as well as custom photo frames, keychains, magnets, and more are all available on the GiftWorksPlus website.