Apex® HCM Releases Unique White Paper on Business Decision‐Making

2018-08-04 12:00:00

We published this research paper to provide payroll business owners with an actionable four step framework to help them make more timely decisions to grow their companies.Marty Hamby, President, Apex HCM


Apex® HCM, a leader in payroll and human capital management technology, today released a best practice white paper addressing the fundamental business skill of decision making. The white paper entitled, “A How‐To Guide to Making Big Business Decisions” provides payroll service bureau leaders an easy to follow framework on how to make business decisions in a process oriented and timely manner. Apex based the paper on research compiled from psychology and business research publications along with insights from business executives. http://info.apexhcm.com/your-guide-to-making-better-decisions-pr

Robert Digby, CEO Apex HCM commented, “Payroll professionals spend years studying accounting, finance, and payroll. However, how many actually learn a framework for business decision‐making? Very few. As a result, we see many payroll bureau business leaders avoiding and delaying key decisions. This harms their business growth.”

Research published in Harvard Business Review and psychology journals confirms Digby’s observation. Data compiled about decision‐making from 760 business executives revealed timeliness of decisions most highly correlated to business financial success. While business owners belabor and delay over making the absolute right decision, the research indicates that timely decision‐making actually drives the most business success. Even wrong decisions can be course corrected to success, but indecision rarely improves company performance.

“However, making timely decisions is easier said than done,” states Marty Hamby, President, Apex HCM. Hamby continues, “We published this research paper to provide payroll business owners with an actionable four step framework to help them make more timely decisions to grow their companies.” Earlier this year, Apex published a white paper entitled, “How to Grow a Payroll Business,” which can be downloaded from the http://www.apexhcm.com website. In addition, last month Apex hosted an inaugural conference event designed to help train payroll businesses in sales and marketing practices. The Selling Skills Summit, “S3,” received overwhelming positive responses and Apex immediately committed to conducting the event again in 2019.

Digby added, “Apex HCM provides software but our goal is much broader, we want to be a trusted partner to help our customers grow. Grow with better software but also through events like our Selling Skills Summit, industry best practices and practical research publications like this white paper on decision‐making.” Next up on the Apex HCM event calendar, September 21‐22, 2018, Apex holds the 10th anniversary of its annual users’ conference, aptly named Align 2018. To find out more information and to register, visit the website at https://apexhcm.com/events/

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