Legaler Joins The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

2018-08-04 12:00:00


Legaler is the newest member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC), joining forces with over 60 institutions, universities and companies, law and technology firms alike.

The GLBC is a cross-disciplinary initiative to develop the implementation of blockchain technology to the legal industry, setting important global standards that will shape the future of legal services. The diverse members of the GLBC will bring expertise from every corner of the sector to help ensure efficiency, interoperability and privacy.

Encouraged by the collaboration taking place in the legal industry Stevie Ghiassi, CEO of Legaler, commented that “as adoption of blockchain challenges traditional business models and existing internet infrastructure, it’s incumbent on the early participants to work together to establish global standards that encourage interoperability and best practices for the nascent technology, especially on how it relates to the law. GLBC is a positive step forward”.

With a presence in firms across over 80 countries since launching its secure online meeting tool in 2017, Legaler is now focused on building the blockchain infrastructure to power the future of legal services. Highlighting the importance of the technology for the legal industry, Ghiassi noted “even the most trusted commodity of a lawyer, the contract, is being completely reimagined by blockchain in the form of smart legal contracts, self-executing agreements that are expressed in lines of code. Every stakeholder should be paying attention”.

The legal industry has seldom been associated with technological innovation. With the advent of blockchain technology, law is at a watershed moment and the GLBC will play a vital role in providing a guiding voice for the impending blockchain revolution.

About Legaler

Designed for the $1 trillion global legal industry, the Legaler blockchain and developer tools provide the infrastructure to easily build secure and scalable decentralised applications for legal services without the need for intermediaries.

About GLBC

The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium is comprised of approximately 60 large companies, law firms, software companies, and universities that have joined together to develop standards to govern the use of blockchain technology in the business of law.