De Agostini ModelSpace to Release New Star Wars X-wing Model in August 2018

2018-08-04 12:00:00


Award-winning De Agostini ModelSpace announces the release of their newest build-your-own scale model magazine series: the iconic Red Five X-wing*, Luke Skywalker’s legendary starfighter, available at

This Disney-approved and officially licensed 1:18 scale model of the starfighter Skywalker piloted to victory in the original Star Wars movie has been painstakingly created and is supplied in kit form for self-assembly. Each component of the engines, weapons, cockpit, wings—every last element—is captured in precise detail. It is constructed over an internal metal armature, supplied in sections and screwed together to form the ship's reinforced frame. External panels made of high-impact ABS, pre-finished with Red Five's distinctive markings and battle damage are fitted over top of the frame.

It's not just the exterior that's superbly detailed. The cockpit, torpedo bay, engines and removable hyperdrive unit are all faithfully rendered, bringing incredible realism to features that have only previously been seen in illustrations. Additionally, inside the model are motors to make the “S-foil” wings open to their distinctive “X” attack configuration, plus lighting systems that highlight the engines, laser cannons, and cockpit instruments. There’s also a miniature R2-D2 astromech droid, complete with turning head and light-up displays, which can be removed to stand on its own, or be fitted into a socket behind the cockpit. For those who want even greater realism, a comprehensive customizing guide, showing how to add authentic weathering and markings will be included.

The fully assembled model extends 29.3 inches in length and stands 7.4 inches tall with a wingspan of 25.7 inches. The model is designed to be displayed in three different ways: poised on its three landing legs, on a desk stand in low-level “flight” mode, or mounted on a wall bracket that enables the ship to be positioned spiraling through space. In all cases, the model’s wings, light-up engines and cannons are fully activated by remote control.

Star Wars fans can also opt for the Premium subscription which includes exclusive 1:18 scale hangar accessories to create a detailed display of the X-wing including Luke Skywalker pilot figure that slots into the X-wing's cockpit, working landing lights, a fuel pump, ground crewmen figurines and more.

De Agostini ModelSpace created this Lucasfilm officially licensed grand, fully vetted 1:18 scale model of Red Five to include all the internal details and mechanisms. Because Lucasfilm changed the official size of the X-wing in the years since the release of the original film to ensure greater consistency with the newer movies, De Agostini ModelSpace pulled from multiple sources during its exacting construction process to create the most realistic and complete model of the starfighter. These sources include the original filming miniatures, as well as stills of the full-size X-wing that was constructed on set for live-action sequences showing Skywalker boarding the ship, flying off, and returning. Close-ups of Skywalker and other members of the squadron were shot on another small set depicting only the interior of the cockpit, and images of this set provided source material for features that didn’t appear on the filming miniatures, including the landing legs and cockpit instrumentation, controls, and seating. Finally, features such as the torpedo bay, engines, and hyperdrive are based on detailed cross-section illustrations created in the 1990s.

Build Your Own X-wing is sent directly to the modeler from De Agostini ModelSpace in 25 monthly shipments of $64.99 plus shipping and handling, with all the parts needed to complete the model. The Premium subscription, featuring the special diorama collectible to show off the completed X-wing, will be available for $74.99.

Each monthly shipment includes 4 beautifully designed magazines with detailed build guides that lead the modeler step-by-step through the construction process. Each magazine, packed with rare photos and little-known information, details how Industrial Light & Magic's skilled designers, model makers, digital artists, and set builders created the real props and miniatures that brought the films to life. Also included are rare images and features about the X-wing and the other starfighters of the Star Wars galaxy, and the stories of their intrepid pilots in action that are at the heart of this gripping saga.

Every subscriber who completes the collection will receive three free gifts including a magazine storage binder, two X-wing bookends, and a USB powerbank.

The X-wing 1:18 scale model is the latest in De Agostini ModelSpace’s Build-your-own Star Wars collectible scale models. Other kits include the Award-Winning Millennium Falcon and R2-D2.

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