Chester Allan Alper, MD is recognized by Continental Who's Who

2018-08-04 12:00:00

BROOKLINE, Mass., Aug. 3, 2018 -- Chester Allan Alper, MD is recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Lifetime Achiever in Medical Research in recognition of his role as a Pediatrician, Genomist, & Immunologist at Boston Children's Hospital.        

Known as one of the most prevalent medical facilities in the United States today, Boston Children's Hospital prides itself on its exceptional customer service and hands on approach in assuring the health and wellness of their patients. With communication, respect, excellence, accountability, teamwork and innovation at the forefront of the company's values, Boston Children's Hospital is a well-regarded medical practice whose mission is to be the "leading source of research and discovery."  Devoted to implementing quality and efficient patient safety in everything they do for over 140 years, the medical institution hopes to advance pediatric care worldwide.

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With over fifty five years of experience in the medical professional, Dr. Chester Allan Alper is revered for his remarkable contributions to the medical profession. With participation in groundbreaking medical research in genomics and immunology, Dr. Alper has conducted research in establishing population markers for Type One Diabetes in children.  Attributing his longstanding success to his ability to work with good people, when asked his advice to newcomers in the industry, Dr. Alper states "It's often a matter of chance."  When asked his advice to newcomers in the industry, Dr. Alper states, "Persevere and maintain curiosity, critical thinking and open-mindedness."

Well versed in the areas of Genomics and Immunology Research, Dr. Alper has studied the genetics of complex (polygenic) disease in humans. Dr. Alper and his colleagues have investigated expansively the relationship between genetic differences in the human MHC with differences in the immune function of a variety of "white blood cells," or leukocytes.

Early in his career, Dr. Alper attained his Medical Degree from Harvard Medical School. Thereafter, Dr. Alper would then go on to complete both his internship and residency at Boston City Hospital.   Curiosity has driven him ever since. Upon entering his fellowship in Hematology, Dr. Alper moved into pediatrics, immunology and, finally, genetics.  This led to discoveries in the field of the serum proteins.  Once it was clear that several of these were encoded within the major histocompatibility complex, his interest and focus shifted to the genetics of human autoimmune diseases, including type 1 or childhood diabetes. 

When he is not working, Dr. Alper plays the recorder, and does Chinese calligraphy and cartooning in his spare time.

Dr. Alper dedicates this recognition to his current colleague, Instructor Charles Larsen. 

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