Zinc Dust have proven to be extremely active and aggressive catalyst

2018-08-03 12:00:00

August 03, 2018 - Zinc Dust Zinc Rich Coatings has proven to be an excellent and admirable method of protecting steel and iron from corrosion due to the familiar electro-chemical process i.e. - through galvanization. Zinc dust is a fine bluish-gray to the blackish gray powder of zinc metal, prepared by distilling primary or secondary zinc in closed, horizontal furnaces. Zinc dust is most often used as the agent and in paints and to slow down corrosion.

The recent report revealed the Zinc Dust market top manufacturers- Europe, Japan, North America, China and other regions (India, Southeast Asia, Middle East & Africa and Central & South America,). The global manufacturer of zinc dust increased to 345 K MT in the year 2016 from 329 K MT in the year 2012 with the average growth rate of 1.11%. Global zinc powder capacity utilization rate remained at roughly 62-63% in the year 2016. On the flip side, in consumption market, the global consumption value of zinc dust or zinc powder raised with the 4.05% average growth rate. With wide application and consumption of amazing zinc dust, the downstream industries will need more zinc dust products. As a result, zinc dust has convinced market potential in the future. The global Zinc Dust market in the year 2017 is valued at 1160 million US$ and will attain 1540 million US$ by the end of 2025.

Specialty of Zinc Dust or Powder
Zinc has the inherent capacity to form corrosion by-products that can excellently degrade the corrosion rate of ferrous metals. Fine Zinc powders (as named Zinc Dust Chemical Grade) serve as the active protective pigment in industrial coatings and has the excellent capability of preventing rust with the special sacrificing process. Hence, it is used as an anti-corrosive agent in an extensive range of protective coatings such as marine, industrial, and yacht coatings. Zinc dust has a number of uses in the petroleum and lubrication industry, it acts as a catalyst in the production of gasoline and benzene, in the chemical industry it acts as a reducing agent and in the metallurgical industry as a cementation agent. The zinc powder coating has "good" durability. Zinc Dust is widely used in several areas, such as rubber, activation, acceleration, Light Stabilization, Dielectric Strength, Heat Stabilization, Biochemical Activity, Latex Gelation, Rubber - Metal Bonding and so on.

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